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About Us

Who we are... our passion is you

Melissa, who runs the Willingham Gym, originally found that fitness was never something she was particularly into, and regular exercises would come and go but she never totally committed.

Billy, however, has always been into fitness especially boxing, and in his early 20s was cage fighting.

After having her second child, things changed.  Melissa got more into her fitness and also started a new lifestyle journey with Herbalife.  She found herself a PT and started training with him once a week.  It was during one particular PT session that she learnt that the gym owner was going to be selling up.  

Melissa really didn’t want to lose this facility in the village, between them, she and Billy decided it was a great investment opportunity and so they became gym owners.

After both getting amazing results with the Herbalife nutrition plans, they wanted to improve their fitness levels, not only for themselves, but for their children.

Straight away they knew what changes they wanted to make.  They bought in more machines which attracted the younger generations to the gym.

Overall they want their gym to be a perfect environment for any age and ability - in fact they want it to be your gym for your community.